Poolside Double Room w/ Two Single Beds

Poolside double rooms with two single beds are single-spaced with a balcony and bathroom each, about ~25-30m² in size. They are also equipped with a fridge, kitchen and kitchenette for your cooking and storing needs, a TV set, a valuables safe with key, and optional air-conditioning. They’re located at the front side of our hotel, and feature full view of the pool, if you need to check up on children & friends.

Great choice for couples, also suitable for friends! Some of these rooms can accommodate an extra person on a camp bed (5€ per night, we will notify you if there’s no availability at the time of booking).

Kitchenette with two cooking pads
Kitchen surface with cupboards, drawers etc.
Soup pot, noodles pot & saucepan
Full cutlery set
Salad bowl, soup, snack and meal plates
Soup ladle and spatula
Water, wine and coffee glasses and cups
Cutting board
Wine & soft-drink opener
Traditional Greek coffee pot (“briki”)
Kettle (water boiler for coffee & tea)
Broom and dust pan
Mop and bucket
Garbage bin and garbage bag when you first arrive
Toilet paper when you first arrive
Please note that we do not provide detergents, sponges, soap or shampoo