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Mavrobara Walking Tour

Kokkinovrahos, as seen from the road to Mavrobara

We offer guided walking tours to Lake Mavrobara, home of two nearly-extinct varieties of turtles. The tours are free of charge for our guests, and are arranged in person once you’ve arrived at the hotel. Ask around for Savvas!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind in order to have a great experience:

  • We start early in the morning. The latest the tour can start is at 08:00. As the sun rises, walking in hills becomes more difficult, and as noon approaches it gets close to impossible.
  • You should have a water bottle and a snack with you, just in case.
  • There’s a couple of rocky, slippery parts. Nothing too dangerous, and we will be there to let you know.
  • The whole round trip is about 8 kilometers.
  • The views are amazing, and you will see the Anastasitiko forest, three churches, the Mavrobara lake and the sand hills.
  • We will stop at the lake for about 15 minutes so that people who wish to have a snack can relax.
  • You must not feed the turtles.
  • The whole hiking trip should take no more than three hours.



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